3 misconceptions associated with carpet and upholstery cleaning

There is the spread of wrong info concerning carpet and upholstery cleaning. Such info is confusing to those who need their carpets cleaned as they wonder whether the services are worth it. What you are about to read is the truth you need to know. You can use the conclusions made to make the right decisions. Listed below are the common myths which have been put together by a friend of mine who owns Better Cleaning Company in North London.

carpet cleaning

1. Clean only the extremely dirty carpets to prevent quick wear


This is a myth that may appear to be true. As you wash more, the mechanical process of washing might cause wear on your carpet. However, the opposite is the truth. Leaving the carpet to accumulate dirt in it is the worst enemy that causes ageing to your carpet. Professional cleaning is there to eliminate soiling and build-up of dirt which lowers the lifetime of your carpet. If you allow the dirt to have a home on the carpet, it will act on the carpet in an abrasive force every time anyone walks on that carpet. Similarly, sitting on your upholstery furnishings will also cause wear. Considering that sitting on sofas and stepping on the carpet occur regularly, inside the house, the rate of wear is even quicker. Professional cleaning comes with yet more advantages for your information. It will remove the dirt and on top of that keep your home allergen free for health purposes. Allergens will always be found on your carpets and upholstery since these filters the air circulating in your home. Allergens including bacteria, pollen, mites and animal skin will be very much present. We can conclude that with regular professional cleaning, your carpet’s lifetime is not only prolonged but made healthy by eliminating allergic symptoms.

2. Professional cleaners and their methods of cleaning are identical


There is a misinterpretation that all carpet cleaners are the same. If one of them is pathetic, then all of them follows suit. That’s false. The methods of cleaning vary. There can be dry cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning. Each applies appropriately in different circumstances. The results you get will vary with what method you choose to use. At the same time, other factors including machine power, choice of cleaning chemicals and the competence of the cleaning technician must be considered. Regulation e.g. by TACCA is of the essence about performance. They will educate people to pick only the registered carpet cleaners who qualify for the job. It is a trend that cheap services be a little bit compromised say by not having modern and standard cleaning equipment and no insurance. If you need the guarantee of quality services, don’t go the cheap way.

3. I can save a lot with DIY cleaning and still keep it clean


With the current tough economic times, that is an idea that would make sense and be adopted by many. People go for cleaning equipment rentals but trust you me; they never get anywhere close to achieving the results a professional cleaner will deliver. The difference is quick clear. A professional cleaner has undergone training and cleaning the carpets is what they do best. They know the choice of equipment to use, the kind of chemicals to go for and how to clean different kinds of dirt including stains. Furthermore, you never get to save as it is initially the objective. You have to pay for equipment rentals and spend your precious time cleaning and yet do it the wrong way. So, professional cleaners are simply worth it, and results are guaranteed.

11 Great Tips When Moving Into a New Home

Moving house is hard work, anybody who has done it can attest to that. You could be moving across the street, around the block, across cities, across countries or even abroad but it never gets easy. Of course, there is the excitement of living in a new place and all the interior design ideas you can change, but still, During the moving process, there is just so much to be done, and you have to plan ahead and consider all the implications involved in what you do.

Most of the time, you find that halfway through the design implementation process, you begin to add implementations like changing the shower location or heating additions and paint colours etcetera. Moving to a new home can be extremely emotional for some people and to help you in this time, below are some tips which were kindly put together by a good friend of mine who owns a removals company. I hope everything you need to consider is covered.

  • Draw a plan of the new home

This way you will be able to place the furniture on the plan to where is best suited. Will you need to add furniture or do you have enough already? You will be able to make an estimate when you have a plan. Drawing out plans always works trust me.

  • Buy a lot of paint samples

You should paint a square meter on all the walls then look at them during the day as well as the evening. Some paints look different during these different times.

  • Think of the person using each room and how often they will do it

When installing new flooring regardless of whether its tile, wood, carpeting or concrete think of the people who will be using different rooms. Think of children and pets rooms, think of heavy traffic areas because they will need a hard wearing floor. As much as you like that luxury thick pile carpet, it’s not practical for the hallway.

  • Ensure the plumbing is done right

Hire a plumber to check on the plumbing way before you move in so you don’t do it while already there.

  • Electrics as well

Get an electrician to check the house electrics before moving in as well. Make sure you have peace of mind when you move in.

  • Budget for delays

If you would like to make structural changes, ensure that you have extra budgeting for delays. This will likely happen if you have many contractors and builders working at the same time.

  • Check the shelving, and cabinetry brackets, as well as the door, hinges on closets and cupboards

The very last thing you need is collapsing closets once you move in.

  • Check the boiler

If you are moving into cold climates, check the boiler and have the whole family learn how to use it

  • Clean everything

You can contact a cleaning company to steam clean the carpet, clean the windows, bathroom, toilets, walls, floors, cupboards etcetera.

  • On the moving day

Place the right boxes in the right rooms, which will speed things up while unpacking. If you label the boxes correctly, it will make things a whole lot easier.

  • Fill your new home with special things

As soon as you are done moving in, you can head to the florist and get fresh flowers to make it feel special.

Flooring Material Ideas For 2017

Flooring Idea

Picking a new floor can be very daunting since there are numerous materials to choose from with each type having a gamut of options tagging along. The type of flooring also depends on the room as
well as the flow of traffic in that area. What type of flooring is right for you? Is it laminate, hardwood, vinyl or the eco-friendly types like the bamboo or cork? Explained below are the top 8 most popular flooring options for you to choose from.

Hardwood– Let’s begin with the traditional all time favourite the hardwood flooring. This type is extremely durable, warm and has a natural feel to it making it among the top choice for most homeowners. Oak is the most popular of hardwoods used in floorings, but cherry, Brazilian cherry, and the Tasmanian oak are also a worthy consideration. Hardwood floor also comes in different styles like the parquet, plank and pre-finished.

Laminate– This is an equally popular choice as well and is a lot easier to install compared to hardwood floors. It is less expensive as well. They are called laminate floors because they are created from different wood-based materials that are laminated or layered together then topped with wood grain of photographic imprint on the face.

There are true laminate floors or engineered wood floors that consist of real wood but are a lot more expensive compared to laminate floors.

Bamboo- Bamboo is a lightweight but hard woody grass, which is a fast growing regenerating plant with the strength of steel. This is what makes it very suitable for flooring, and in addition to that, it does not swell or contract with humidity.

Cork- Just like bamboo, cork is also a green flooring alternative and the best part about it is that its honeycomb-like cellular structure makes the floor have cushiony feel underfoot. This also makes the cork floor absorb sounds and variations, and they also bounce back in case of dents. It is ideal for wet areas due to its non-slip surface.

Linoleum– The best things about it is that it is eco-friendly since it is made from natural materials without depleting forests. It is made wood flour, linseed oil and rosins. It has no health effects during production, installation, use or disposal making it suitable for hospitals. It is also antistatic, easy to clean, water, ding and scratch resistant, comfortable and comes in a variety of colours.

Tile– Porcelain, terra cotta, marble, granite, slate and travertine are all very popular. If on a budget, porcelain is most cost-effective. It is strong and beautiful and very low maintenance, unlike marble. You can use different hues, textures, finishes, colours and sizes of tiles to create a unique floor.

Vinyl- This is one of the most value-conscious flooring and great for areas prone to moisture like kitchens, basements and bathrooms. It is easy maintenance as well and comes in a variety of odd sizes and thickness

Staircase Design Ideas

Stairs do a lot more in a home than just connecting one level to the other. The stairs visual presence is a statement in the house and its architectural design. From sleek wood designs to spiral staircases, there are numerous beautiful staircase designs that you can use for your home.

Stairs that conceal-You can create a simple stairway with as beaded board panelling. The wall covering the stairway can extend to a doorway that disguises the entrance to your basement.

Sculptural staircase– This design is the most magnificent of all the stairway designs, and they normally look more like a work of art. A serpentine design that coils as it rises is especially one of the most loved because it is simply magnificent. Building these need the skills of artisans working with metal, wood and drywall.

Big city stairway- If you would like to have a country vibe, you can use wooden slabs as stairs. Of course, the clean lined risers will also give your home a contemporary look. You can use large chunks of wood and attach them to a painted metal case, and this will create a big city look, which will leave the prairie far behind.

The grand entrance- This is a shapely staircase that normally widens gently as it meets the grand foyer. This creates a smooth transition between the levels, and if you apply decorative moulding to your walls and throughout the foyer, it will blend very well with the dramatic staircase.

Step aside- You can place the front stairway at the side of the entrance, which will entice your guest to see through the first level. You can use the same colour on the railing as on the flooring throughout the rest of the house.

Stair Runner- This is a geometric-pattern staircase and the runner will boost style as comfort. Additionally, apart from the fact that the runner will be warm and comfy underfoot, it will prevent you from slipping on the wooden treads.

Winding staircase- A winding staircase needs a wide front hall that has plenty of room. You can place a runner that will provide comfort and soften the look on the wooden risers then use dark wood for the railing because it will draw the eye up and around the beautiful curve of the stairway.

Wrap around stairway- This is a statement stairway as it wraps around one end of a home. Its open construction emphasises the open floor plan of the home, and it normally doesn’t draw the attention away from the plentiful windows and the soaring ceiling. If you make the risers and railings a dark wood, it will lend a hint of contrast.

Storage staircase- You can build a staircase with storage underneath. You can create a row of drawers, and a recessed niche next to them will make a great spot for storing bags or baskets.

Natural Staircase- If you use a whimsical woodland railing to make a striking statement and make the balusters and the handrail look like they were freshly cut from the trees outside.