3 misconceptions associated with carpet and upholstery cleaning

There is the spread of wrong info concerning carpet and upholstery cleaning. Such info is confusing to those who need their carpets cleaned as they wonder whether the services are worth it. What you are about to read is the truth you need to know. You can use the conclusions made to make the right decisions. Listed below are the common myths which have been put together by a friend of mine who owns Better Cleaning Company in North London.

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1. Clean only the extremely dirty carpets to prevent quick wear


This is a myth that may appear to be true. As you wash more, the mechanical process of washing might cause wear on your carpet. However, the opposite is the truth. Leaving the carpet to accumulate dirt in it is the worst enemy that causes ageing to your carpet. Professional cleaning is there to eliminate soiling and build-up of dirt which lowers the lifetime of your carpet. If you allow the dirt to have a home on the carpet, it will act on the carpet in an abrasive force every time anyone walks on that carpet. Similarly, sitting on your upholstery furnishings will also cause wear. Considering that sitting on sofas and stepping on the carpet occur regularly, inside the house, the rate of wear is even quicker. Professional cleaning comes with yet more advantages for your information. It will remove the dirt and on top of that keep your home allergen free for health purposes. Allergens will always be found on your carpets and upholstery since these filters the air circulating in your home. Allergens including bacteria, pollen, mites and animal skin will be very much present. We can conclude that with regular professional cleaning, your carpet’s lifetime is not only prolonged but made healthy by eliminating allergic symptoms.

2. Professional cleaners and their methods of cleaning are identical


There is a misinterpretation that all carpet cleaners are the same. If one of them is pathetic, then all of them follows suit. That’s false. The methods of cleaning vary. There can be dry cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning. Each applies appropriately in different circumstances. The results you get will vary with what method you choose to use. At the same time, other factors including machine power, choice of cleaning chemicals and the competence of the cleaning technician must be considered. Regulation e.g. by TACCA is of the essence about performance. They will educate people to pick only the registered carpet cleaners who qualify for the job. It is a trend that cheap services be a little bit compromised say by not having modern and standard cleaning equipment and no insurance. If you need the guarantee of quality services, don’t go the cheap way.

3. I can save a lot with DIY cleaning and still keep it clean


With the current tough economic times, that is an idea that would make sense and be adopted by many. People go for cleaning equipment rentals but trust you me; they never get anywhere close to achieving the results a professional cleaner will deliver. The difference is quick clear. A professional cleaner has undergone training and cleaning the carpets is what they do best. They know the choice of equipment to use, the kind of chemicals to go for and how to clean different kinds of dirt including stains. Furthermore, you never get to save as it is initially the objective. You have to pay for equipment rentals and spend your precious time cleaning and yet do it the wrong way. So, professional cleaners are simply worth it, and results are guaranteed.


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