Flooring Material Ideas For 2017

Flooring Idea

Picking a new floor can be very daunting since there are numerous materials to choose from with each type having a gamut of options tagging along. The type of flooring also depends on the room as
well as the flow of traffic in that area. What type of flooring is right for you? Is it laminate, hardwood, vinyl or the eco-friendly types like the bamboo or cork? Explained below are the top 8 most popular flooring options for you to choose from.

Hardwood– Let’s begin with the traditional all time favourite the hardwood flooring. This type is extremely durable, warm and has a natural feel to it making it among the top choice for most homeowners. Oak is the most popular of hardwoods used in floorings, but cherry, Brazilian cherry, and the Tasmanian oak are also a worthy consideration. Hardwood floor also comes in different styles like the parquet, plank and pre-finished.

Laminate– This is an equally popular choice as well and is a lot easier to install compared to hardwood floors. It is less expensive as well. They are called laminate floors because they are created from different wood-based materials that are laminated or layered together then topped with wood grain of photographic imprint on the face.

There are true laminate floors or engineered wood floors that consist of real wood but are a lot more expensive compared to laminate floors.

Bamboo- Bamboo is a lightweight but hard woody grass, which is a fast growing regenerating plant with the strength of steel. This is what makes it very suitable for flooring, and in addition to that, it does not swell or contract with humidity.

Cork- Just like bamboo, cork is also a green flooring alternative and the best part about it is that its honeycomb-like cellular structure makes the floor have cushiony feel underfoot. This also makes the cork floor absorb sounds and variations, and they also bounce back in case of dents. It is ideal for wet areas due to its non-slip surface.

Linoleum– The best things about it is that it is eco-friendly since it is made from natural materials without depleting forests. It is made wood flour, linseed oil and rosins. It has no health effects during production, installation, use or disposal making it suitable for hospitals. It is also antistatic, easy to clean, water, ding and scratch resistant, comfortable and comes in a variety of colours.

Tile– Porcelain, terra cotta, marble, granite, slate and travertine are all very popular. If on a budget, porcelain is most cost-effective. It is strong and beautiful and very low maintenance, unlike marble. You can use different hues, textures, finishes, colours and sizes of tiles to create a unique floor.

Vinyl- This is one of the most value-conscious flooring and great for areas prone to moisture like kitchens, basements and bathrooms. It is easy maintenance as well and comes in a variety of odd sizes and thickness


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