Staircase Design Ideas

Stairs do a lot more in a home than just connecting one level to the other. The stairs visual presence is a statement in the house and its architectural design. From sleek wood designs to spiral staircases, there are numerous beautiful staircase designs that you can use for your home.

Stairs that conceal-You can create a simple stairway with as beaded board panelling. The wall covering the stairway can extend to a doorway that disguises the entrance to your basement.

Sculptural staircase– This design is the most magnificent of all the stairway designs, and they normally look more like a work of art. A serpentine design that coils as it rises is especially one of the most loved because it is simply magnificent. Building these need the skills of artisans working with metal, wood and drywall.

Big city stairway- If you would like to have a country vibe, you can use wooden slabs as stairs. Of course, the clean lined risers will also give your home a contemporary look. You can use large chunks of wood and attach them to a painted metal case, and this will create a big city look, which will leave the prairie far behind.

The grand entrance- This is a shapely staircase that normally widens gently as it meets the grand foyer. This creates a smooth transition between the levels, and if you apply decorative moulding to your walls and throughout the foyer, it will blend very well with the dramatic staircase.

Step aside- You can place the front stairway at the side of the entrance, which will entice your guest to see through the first level. You can use the same colour on the railing as on the flooring throughout the rest of the house.

Stair Runner- This is a geometric-pattern staircase and the runner will boost style as comfort. Additionally, apart from the fact that the runner will be warm and comfy underfoot, it will prevent you from slipping on the wooden treads.

Winding staircase- A winding staircase needs a wide front hall that has plenty of room. You can place a runner that will provide comfort and soften the look on the wooden risers then use dark wood for the railing because it will draw the eye up and around the beautiful curve of the stairway.

Wrap around stairway- This is a statement stairway as it wraps around one end of a home. Its open construction emphasises the open floor plan of the home, and it normally doesn’t draw the attention away from the plentiful windows and the soaring ceiling. If you make the risers and railings a dark wood, it will lend a hint of contrast.

Storage staircase- You can build a staircase with storage underneath. You can create a row of drawers, and a recessed niche next to them will make a great spot for storing bags or baskets.

Natural Staircase- If you use a whimsical woodland railing to make a striking statement and make the balusters and the handrail look like they were freshly cut from the trees outside.


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